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Always Ask

Saturday, March 17, 2007


Hi all,

I need people to help fill up my survey about television.
A quick multiple choice survey.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

12:28PM - "The Medium is the Message"

Hi everyone.

i'm doing a research on the influence of television on us and society according to Marshall McLuhan's theory of "The Medium is the Message". I hope you could take some time off to help with with these 7 questions.


Thank You.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

12:46PM - please help with research study in psychology

Hi everybody,

Please help me...I am searching for participants for a research study I am conducting as part of my dissertation. My study focuses on one's relationship with one's parents and how it impacts one's sexual behavior. Participation in the study entails filling out 3 short questionnaires (takes approximately 10-15 minutes). Participation is voluntary and anonymous. I am searching for participants who

*are female students between the ages of 18 and 23
*come from intact families
*define themselves as primarily heterosexual

In order to complete the questionnaires please go to the link below:


I will be so thankful if you fill out my questionnaires. Please feel free to email me with any questions and/or if you would like me to send you the results of my study at yakinton@gmail.com

Thanks so much in advance,


Wednesday, January 3, 2007

1:05PM - TV survey

edit// 5th jan 07//

Thank you everyone for helping. i got a lot more response than i expected. so thank you.
this survey will be closed.


Hi everyone,

i'm doing a research on life with & without television and i hope there are enough tv addicts here to help fill up my survey. just 14, multiple choice questions. hope you could help because i really need it!

2 parts (7 qns each)
part one
part two
(no ads, no pop ups!)

Thanks a million!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

4:44PM - Views on Human Sexuality

This is for my Psychology Project at school, it's due in a couple of days so anyone who can help I'd greatly appreciate. =D

You can post your answers here, or if you'd be more comfortable feel free to email your responses to me at psych-project@hotmail.com.

The survey is anonymous, so I don't want and will not use any user names, email addresses, etc., I'm only interested in the data.

Just answer A, B, or C. Thanks Alot!

Note: There are no right or wrong answers, this is opinion only.

1. Do you feel that all humans have the capacity for bisexuality?


2. If you answered YES to number 1, do you feel that an individuals sexual orientation is dependent on which gender the individual is more attracted to? For example, a woman considers herself heterosexual and dates men because her sexual attraction to men far outweighs her sexual attraction to women.

3. Do you feel there is no grey area in human sexuality, that an individual is either purely heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual? For example, if an individual identifies as being heterosexual then he/she is only attracted to the opposite sex.

4. Do you consider yourself as homosexual, heterosexual, or bisexual?

5. Are you male or female?

Thursday, May 12, 2005


So student body council elections were today.

I understand why we need the practice of voting, but really it seems to be based more on someone's popularity and personality than on what they're really saying.

I guess that's just human nature.

We flock to those we get along with.

Which makes sense, in a weird sort of way.

But why don't we try to improve our society, instead of allowing people who never actually get anything done to be placed in positions of power?

It seems a little bit ridiculous, doesn't it?


Tuesday, January 4, 2005

10:56AM - The recent color post got me thinking...

Why don't people like orange crayons? For most people, the orange crayon is less used than even the white crayon (considering that most children don't realize they don't have to color a white piece of paper white ;-)). When looking at an average box of crayons, the orange crayon is still sharp, but the rest are all rounded down after much use. It makes me sad ;-) But other than that, why don't people like orange crayons (or orange in general)?

Friday, December 31, 2004

10:01PM - The China Syndrome.

I've researched it and gained a pretty good amount of information, but I thought it would be a good idea to pop this topic of conversation into some of the smarter communities on LJ. :-) Any information, stories, random pieces of trivia, links, etc that you have about The China Syndrome and the physics involved in it would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance!

In case anyone has questions.
Main Entry: China syndrome
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: a hypothetical sequence of events following a nuclear reactor meltdown, in which the core melts through its container and deep into the earth
Etymology: from China's being on the opposite side of the earth from a U.S. nuclear reactor

Hypothetically, the core would go *all the way thru the Earth* to China - only it cannot so it is is forced back up out of the Earth. A nuclear explosion, causing death and mutations of a *large* amount of land (and the people inhabiting it).
> events like chernobyl, 3 mile island (almost)

Monday, December 13, 2004

6:45PM - The Pen.

We thought this would be the best place to ask (may end up being x-posted, though)-
Many idiosyncracies(sp?), phobias, acts, et cetera, have certain names (no matter how *obscure* they may be), so we thought these things in particular might, as well, have names.
- Is there a name for the drive to write, even if it's just nonsense, or your name, or thoughts, or whatever one wants to? (Does that fall under "Hypergraphia"?)
- Is there a name for the drive to write when given certain pens, or a certain pen making one have the urge to write?

There was a third, but I can't remember, so we'll make another post if no one does. Any ideas would be appreciated :-)


Current mood: curious

Tuesday, July 13, 2004


What was the high point of today?

The low point?

What epiphany did you have?

What about dreams? Have you dreamt any dreams?

Have you got any stories?

Sunday, April 11, 2004

12:25AM - "I saw the Tears in his Eyes and I thought, 'that's sweet'"

What, so far, has been the biggest - most influential, most dramatic, most story-worth - occurrence of your life?

Current mood: good

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

7:12PM - publicity

What do you think: Does publicity stimulate our desires or it creates them??

Current mood: curious

Friday, March 5, 2004


Who are you? Why are you? What is the most important choice you've ever made?

Thursday, February 26, 2004

2:47PM - Hi

I joined because I think asuming is the worst thing you can do.
Keeping your mind open without mistaking is a hard thing to do. Being allways observing rather than judging, not having my own life philosophy because I don't have enough information is too often hard.

Sometimes I wish I could clear my mind rather than opening it.

Anyway, meeting ppl is one of the best ways to learn new stuff, so If you find something interesting, new ideas... whatever actually. I just wanna understand the world.

Current mood: confused

Sunday, May 4, 2003


My mind works as a large tarp of cheese cloth. I throw anything that I can find into the center, drain, and see what I have left. These little golden nuggets stay for a reason, I believe, and these are what I will share with you as my quandaries.

Social Security: Why do we pay into it when it is well understood that it will not be there when I come of age?

Insurance: Why is it an arrestable offense to drive without liability coverage, yet we do not make point of guaranteeing quality, affordable health care for all. Do we really value human life less than material possessions?

5:23PM - Hopeful

To much time is spent in fake debates. Arguments fueled by blue flames of words with little backing in true intentions. I’m tired of watching elected officials cut the puppeteer strings that they promised their people and run away with the power that was entrusted to them.

Egos cannot be an element in the chemical make-up of a democracy. And if they find their way in under unsanitary conditions, you cannot continue to call it a democracy. Recognition of reality is a necessary step in the human race. We cannot simply put up blinders and keep our eyes on the prize, all the while pretending that the beasts of burden do not surround us.

But step-by-step we must proceed. We cannot change the race in its entirety unless we have existing funds and power, which last I checked, my fellow caring souls had neither. So it is step-by-step we go. Plotting out our course using strengths of our diversity. And so, I hope, it begins.

Current mood: hopeful