Classically conditioned pen-induced hypergraphia. (passtheflies) wrote in alwaysask,
Classically conditioned pen-induced hypergraphia.

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The Pen.

We thought this would be the best place to ask (may end up being x-posted, though)-
Many idiosyncracies(sp?), phobias, acts, et cetera, have certain names (no matter how *obscure* they may be), so we thought these things in particular might, as well, have names.
- Is there a name for the drive to write, even if it's just nonsense, or your name, or thoughts, or whatever one wants to? (Does that fall under "Hypergraphia"?)
- Is there a name for the drive to write when given certain pens, or a certain pen making one have the urge to write?

There was a third, but I can't remember, so we'll make another post if no one does. Any ideas would be appreciated :-)

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